Cuba, qué linda es Cuba! 🇨🇺

Returns tickets to Cuba from 344€.

Two weeks of real holidays! Flights Paris-Havana-Paris with Air Caribes from October 24th to November the 7th for 344€.

Where to stay in Havana:

Casa Silvita (excellent casa particular in Vedado),  Iberostar Parque Central ***** +400€/n, Gran Manzana Kempinski ***** +400€/n

Places to stay in Los Cayos del Norte (all inclusive):

Meliá Cayo Coco ***** 146€/night, Meliá Cayó Guillermo ***** 113€/night

Places to stay in Varadero:

Iberostar Varadero ***** 242€/night (A.I), Blau Varadero **** 157€/night

…and do not forget to visit one of the beach beaches in the world Playa Paraíso.

Bon voyage!

Feel free to contact us to prepare your holidays!

Cuba is like a prince in a poor man’s coat: behind the sometimes shabby facades, gold dust lingers. It’s these rich dichotomies that make travel here the exciting, exhilarating roller-coaster ride it is. Trapped in a time warp and reeling from an economic embargo that has grated for more than half a century, this is a country where you can wave goodbye to everyday assumptions and expect the unexpected. 🇨🇺

There’s rarely been a better time to visit Cuba. The country is rife with experimentation. From rural Viñales to urban Havana, it’s as if the whole country is slowly awakening from a deep slumber. Come now and ride the wave. 😎


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